We Lazer Clean ME LLC – Dubai, UAE are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Cleaning and Hygienic products in the Middle East market. Created in 1992 to cater to the urgent requirement for high end quality cleaning chemicals and by products by the service and Industrial sectors, LAZER CLEAN M.E has since outperformed all initial expectations of the founders and has had the agility and quality control expertise to maintain customer loyalty since its inception and at the same time expand its clientele to the international markets and is now a very focused on the export expansion of its business. 

LAZER CLEAN M.E as a leading and established manufacturer of Branded cleaning chemicals has a wide range of products that cater to the Industrial, Service and Household sectors. Some of our Leading products have gained the status of “must have” among these sectors.

We take great pleasure and pride in supplying our major clients who range from H t l R Hotels, Restaurants, Building Maintenance Companies, Mechanical and Ship Maintenance Companies, Hospitals, Trading Houses, Etc.

Success is not a state its an ongoing process” these are the wise words of the government and therefore in trying to maintain a constant state of development, we at LAZER CLEAN M.E are proudly pursuing further expansion in our production facilities and the International markets, actively dispensing and creating new ground work in the Sri Lankan and Far Eastern Asian Markets with our high end user friendly products.

LAZER CLEAN M.E L.L.C a company synonymous with quality, Loyalty and Growth since the past 13 years, has always believed that customer satisfaction is the essence of achievements. We are moving on, come let us be your trustworthy partners in effective cleaning solutions…,

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